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Mission:Impossible – Ghost Protocol

Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol Clips

“Ghost Protocol” is the latest installment in the Mission:Impossible franchise that matches or exceeds the action and suspense of all previous movies in this series. Tom Cruise goes to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates in this one and scales the tallest building on earth. Lots of the usual action and adventure in this one that will surely not disappoint. In addition to Cruise, Ghost Protocol stars Jeremy Renner, Simon Pegg and Paula Patton. Directed by Brad Bird and brought to you by Paramount, Mission:Impossible – Ghost Protocol opens in movie theaters on 12/21/2011.

Watch the trailer and clips online below.

Paul Movie

Paul Movie Trailer

Paul, the 2011 movie, is about a wise cracking alien who makes his way to planet earth. He meets 2 misfits who try to help him go back to where he came from. Along the way, the FBI is on to them and is hunting for Paul. A lot of comedy in this movie that is intended for adults, so you better leave the kids at home. Watch the NC-17 movie trailer below and have some laughs. If you want to laugh some more then you should go see this movie in theaters starting March 18.